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My name is Kenny Noyes and I was a professional motorcycle racer. On the 5th of July, 2015, when I was Spanish Superbike champion, I crashed during the morning warm-up of race day at Motorland (Alcañiz, Spain). I don’t remember anything but from what I have been told it was a brutal accident with the bad luck that my bike hit the protection and came back toward me. My 1000cc Kawasaki hit me at the estimated combined speed of about 80 mph.

I owe my life to the rapid and efficient medical team at the track. I was taken in a helicopter ambulance to the intensive care unit of the Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa in Zaragoza. I was in a deep coma (Glascow level 3, the most severe on the scale). They assure me I was between life and death, but 17 days after my fall, according to the medical report, I opened my eyes. After 4 weeks in intensive care, still only minimally conscious, I was transported by ambulance to the Guttmann Institute in Badalona (Barcelona).

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My first memories after the crash are from the Guttmann and are confusing. I didn’t know who or where I was, but I did know that I was a motorcycle racer and that I had had some kind of accident. Instinctively I looked at my feet and moved them, so I knew I wasn’t paralyzed…. and I thought, “Then, why do they have me confined here?” I tried to escape but without success because I couldn’t even begin to get up. According to the doctors, I suffered injuries that were considered permanent, but for almost 2 years I have continued to improve so that I will once again walk and talk well.
I am better and full of hope, but at the same time I am aware of the economic situation of my family.  We had no idea how long this road would be and we still don´t. I train at home but I know that in order to continue recuperating I have to continue to work with the professionals who are guiding me through my rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the insurance of the racing federation only pays part of the costs of the first 18 months (a year and a half). The costs paid until now have exhausted the resources of my family and now we lack the means to continue the rehabilitation program.
It is frustrating because I am steadily improving and making good progress, working with specialists in physical, cognitive and speech recuperation.

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kenny3My Story, My Goal and My Hope

I was born in Barcelona in 1979 and lived until I was 16 in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid), I rode but didn’t begin to race motorcycles until the company (Dorna) my father worked for sent him to California to organize the United States GP in 1994 at Laguna Seca.
My father, who was a motorcycle racer and Spanish endurance champion in 1986, wanted me to play baseball or basketball. I did play baseball for the Spanish team in the 1990 European Championship and basketball at my high school in California. But ever since I was very young, always, my life’s passion has been motorcycles…. gasoline, sliding, speed.
I began racing flat track on dirt oval tracks in USA, making ten-hour trips in a small pick-up to race at the Lodi Cycle Bowl. Although I won races there, my first important results came as an amateur at the end of the 90s. In my first year as a professional I won the national Formula USA title, but my goal was always to road race.
With no experience on asphalt I began as a rookie in the Spanish Supersport Championship of 2001. It was truly difficult. Now it gives me a lot of satisfaction to know that I won races and titles. I rode for two seasons in the Moto2 World Championship, started on the pole at the French GP of 2010 and I took 5th place in the Moto2 GP of Valencia of 2011. But my most important achievement was winning the 2014 FIM CEV International Superbike Championship on a Kawasaki ZX-10.
Of the 2015 season, that opened with a victory in my first race carrying the #1 plate, I remember almost nothing. Little by little, fragments come back…. the win in Portugal, moments in the garage with my team, leaving home to go with my wife to my last race.
During the first phases of my recuperation I was under the illusion that I would race again. But after doing a few laps on the go-kart track on my 140 and being conscious of my situation, I realized I would never race again, I would not be “fast” anymore.
From that moment, I realized that there is another life beyond the race tracks and I want to share with my wife the many years we have before us. When I have recovered, I want to assume the responsibility of organizing the Spanish Flat Track Championship and once again direct my racing school (NoyesCamp).
I have been lucky, very lucky. I am fortunate to still be here…. and I want to win this race of life.


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Sleep apnea

We just made a big step forward

For more than a year I have been fighting heavy fatigue and I have been angry because of it. It seemed that I wasn’t improving and that thought caused depression. I talked to psychologists and psychiatrists but I found no solution. They all told me that I had to have more patience, but my objective is the fastest and most complete recovery possible.

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It turns out that after taking all kind of pills and being very disappointed with the results, we´ve realized that what I was lacking was OXIGEN. That was it…working with Dr. Estivill we discovered that I was suffering episodes of nocturnal sleep apnea during which I was not breathing for periods of 30 to 40 seconds and, as a result, I wasn’t getting enough oxygen and couldn’t´t sleep.

The device that I am now using gives me constant air pressure and does not allow apnea to occur. I noticed the difference immediately…it´s incredible! Before I knew nothing of apnea but I see now that it is a common condition. Before and with luck I slept four hours and badly but now for the last week I have been sleeping 8 hours and it´s great.

It´s hard to believe but it seems that this was one of my principal problems. As Dr. Surribas told me, “the best energy supplement is OXIGEN.” With this natural fuel, now I really do have strength.


Riding a bike again

Getting on a bicycle for the first time after my motorcycle crash.

It has been over 2 years since I have ridden and I was not sure how it would go.


My first problem was the pedals. I could not use the clip-on ones like before the crash so I had to think for a bit and finally put on BMX ones.
The next problem I discovered was the seat height. I could not ride standing up so I needed a seat that was low enough to get on and off but not too low to keep me from pedaling... The seat adjuster is tricky too because when you loosen it, it lets the seat turn from side to side. When you try to tighten it, it´s hard to tell how tight it is. The result for me was a seat that was not the right height and sometimes moved!

These were new problems for me but with the help of my brother we solved them (sort of) and I could try to ride. My balance was pretty good and the control of the brakes was like instinctive.

Now I need to get better on the bike and reaction time… but I know I can ride again!

Walker Comparative Test

Hi, readers!

This type of comparison test is new for me. When I worked as a roadtester for Solo Moto magazine of Barcelona and later for Motociclismo of Madrid, I did a lot of comparison tests, but always with motorcycles. And now with walkers, I’ve decided to do my first test because I have really been impressed by the differences. Let’s go…

The basic, standard walker is the first I had and I thought it was the only kind there was. It is a two-wheel model with the wheels parallel and at the front. There are two rubber-covered posts behind designed to avoid scratching the floor and to give the driver/user more grip.

In the beginning the standard model worked fine, but as I started moving faster problems with the posts began to emerge. First the whole structure vibrated and made a squeaking noise. Later the rubber at the contact point with the floor rubbed through and screeched. It sounded broken.

I thought I could fix it with new rubber caps so I went with my wife to my local orthopedic supply store.  There on the wall I saw a poster for what looked to me like a full factory walker…with four slicks.
“Do you carry that?” I asked. They said they didn’t handle that brand and they showed me another four-wheel model that they could get. “What a pile of crap!” I thought. We got the rubber caps and left. 

What I didn’t know was that while I was looking at other four-wheel walkers in the catalogue, my wife was taking photos of the walker in the poster. When we got home she identified the marque and model and did an Internet search. She found it and ordered it direct from GEMINO for home delivery. I flipped out!

In two weeks we got it, boxed and assembled, ready to roll!  When I tried it I couldn’t believe how good it was. It was like the first time I rode a factory race bike…sort of. As you can see in the video, this walker has 4 slicks, is a lot faster and more agile. The front wheels turn, it’s got brakes, a basket and even has a seat to rest on when you are stopped.

The GEMINO 30 is "racing spec" compared to what I started with…sure, it has some disadvantages but what MotoGP racing bike doesn’t?

Occupational Therapy

One of the most important aspects for the recovery of traumatic brain injury is the work of the occupational therapist. It works so that you can reinsert yourself in the world and do things without the assistance of others.

But this work starts at the very beginning, while you are still unresponsive. Therapists, in the early days, are the ones who help you discover your body, something as basic as touching your limbs while saying "this is your right leg Kenny ..." said my therapist at Guttmann, Raquel :)

As you progress so does occupational therapy, it adapts to your level so that you can find new challenges. Therapists are also vital for people with spinal cord injuries, since in the beginning they teach you how to function with a wheelchair, they assist you in the bathroom, etc ...

This video is from Jesus, my occupational therapist, a part of the great family of the Step by Step Foundation (, who are specialists in patients with spinal cord injuries. During the last two years they have had more and more cases of TBI, like mine. They are a great team of professionals who help me with both physical and occupational rehabilitation.

It doesn't look like I'm a PRO sweeper...working on it.
This is my first update so you can follow up with my progress. If you ever need advice on how to use the broom, let me know :)

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