American Noyes Fights to a Podium Finish in Barcelona Round of the CEV SBK

cat2High track temperatures, set-up problems and determined rivals made it a hard day at the office for the defending champion who is now second and nine points back after a third-place finish at the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya. Kenny extended his streak of consecutive podiums, started last season, to seven.

American Kenny Noyes, riding the Palmeto Kawasaki ZX10-R, battled chatter and grip problems all weekend as track temperatures soared to over 120 degrees on Sunday. From the start right through to the finish of the 17-lap European Championship SBK race, Kenny was constantly fighting wheel-to-wheel with one rival or another and watching up the road as Carmelo Morales (Yamaha) broke clear of the pack.

Kenny, starting from fourth on the grid, was fifth into turn 1 and running in the midst of a swarm of three BMWs (Adrian Bonastre, Dani Rivas and Ivan Silva) while the two Yamaha riders, Morales and Venezuelan Robertini Pietri, led. Once past the first of the BMWs (Bonastre), he needed four more laps to close the gap on Pietri, who low-sided out of the penultimate turn at the end of lap 6. Three laps later, Rivas took a lunge up the inside at the turn 10 left-hander and crashed, nearly taking Kenny down with him, and allowing Silva, who had just moved into second, to pull a small gap.

While Morales extended his lead, Kenny reeled Silva back in and the two passed and re-passed each for the rest of the race, exchanging a little paint on the way and monopolizing the TV director´s attention.

At the flag it was Silva by a bike length and, immediately after the podium, the Palmeto Team met to go over data and to schedule a two-day practice session at Motorland-Aragon where Round Four will be held in two-weeks time on July 5. The team is determined to overcome the chatter and set-up problems that plagued them at Barcelona. Kenny is second in the points table by 9 points with 200 points and eight races still to be contested.

Kenny Noyes 3rd:
"It probably looked like a fun race on TV between Silva and me but, to tell the truth, I was having a pretty hard time. I could hold the slipstream of his BMW  down the long home straight but when I led he could overtake me too easily. Even though we rubbed fairings a couple of times, it was a clean scrap all the way to the flag.

I was disappointed not to get him back one more time, but having two guys go down right in front of me, especially Rivas who nearly took me with him, I realized just how easy it would be for me to drop it. It was slick and very bumpy out there. We got out of here with minimum damage - Morales took nine points from us - but now we know where we are.

We decided right after the race to go to Motorland on Tuesday and Wednesday for two days testing to try and get rid of the chatter and to find some more speed. Our rivals made some improvements after Portugal and now we have got to do the same."

Las altas temperaturas de la pista y los problemas con el set up, determinantes para el tercer puesto del vigente campeón, que extendió su racha de podios consecutivos a siete y es ahora segundo en la general a nueve puntos del líder.

Como suele ser habitual por estas fechas, el Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya ha supuesto una dura prueba para los pilotos de la categoría de Superbike dentro del FIM CEV European Championship. Con una pista muy delicada cuando las temperaturas son altas, la prueba se convierte en un reto.

Aún así, Kenny Noyes ha mostrado su lado más competitivo durante las 17 vueltas que ha durado la carrera. En un primer momento, el estadounidense se ha visto taponado en las dos curvas de final de recta, pero después ha comenzado a remontar posiciones hasta situarse tercero e intentar dar caza al segundo clasificado en ese momento. Además de intentar alcanzar la segunda posición, Noyes ha tenido que defenderse de los envites de otros rivales, teniendo que esquivar a Dani Rivas que se ha caído delante del estadounidense. Con la pista en esas condiciones tan delicadas, ha llegado la caída de otro de sus rivales, Robertino Pietri, por lo que Noyes ha pasado a la segunda posición que posteriormente ha tendido que disputarse con Iván Silva. Después de la lucha y teniendo en cuenta la situación del circuito, Noyes ha preferido asegurar el tercer puesto, subiendo de nuevo al podio y manteniéndose segundo en la general a nueve puntos del líder y con una ventaja de quince sobre el tetero.

Ahora el Kawasaki Palmeto PL Racing Team se desplaza directamente hasta el espectacular trazado de MotorLand Aragón, donde esta próxima semana tendrán lugar unos test previos a la próxima cita del FIM CEV European Championship, que se disputará en el trazado turolense en dos semanas.

Kenny Noyes 3º: 

"Seguro que desde fuera ha parecido una carrera bonita, pero en realidad hemos sufrido un poco. Aunque podía seguir bien a Iván, en cuanto me ponía delante en las rectas nos faltaba un poco de velocidad. Hemos tenido una lucha de tú a tú bonita, pero al mismo tiempo siempre pensando en el campeonato.

Las caídas de Pietri y Rivas justo delante de mi puede que me hayan marcado un poco a la hora de haber tomado algún riesgo más en algún momento de la carrera.

Salimos de aquí con un tercer puesto, pero aquí hemos visto que nuestros rivales han dado un paso hacia delante y ahora nos toca a nosotros hacer lo mismo de cara a la próxima carrera en MotorLand.”

Kenny takes win in the inaugural round of the new European Superbike Championship in Portimão

port2Defending CEV Superbike Champion Kenny Noyes won the inaugural round of the new CEV FIM European Superbike Championship and was second in race two after a couple of paint-swapping battles with archival Carmelo Morales.

Kenny Noyes on the Palmeto Kawasaki ZX10-R and Spaniard Morales (Yamaha R1) completely dominated the weekend at the Autodromo Internacional Algarve outside Portimao, Portugal, with the American taking race one with a last lap pass on the brakes and with Morales taking race two after the two collided on the penultimate lap.

In both races there was a similar pattern. Noyes led for the first thirteen of seventeen laps with Morales following. Both riders know each other's tactics well and Kenny intended to set a fast enough pace pull clear of Venezuelan Robertino Pietri (Yamaha R1) to ensure that the duel on the final lap would be a two-rider affair.

In Race one Noyes led the first 13 of 17 laps before Morales made his move. The two swapped the lead and a bit of paint but it was the American who made the final pass on the brakes at the end off the Portimao home straight at the start of the last lap and then held on to win by a bike length.

In Race two Noyes again led for the first 13 laps and the American seemed to have the pace to repeat the win from the previous race, but after the two had exchanged the lead with some incidental contact, Kenny went for a gap that was closing and there was hard contact between the front wheel of the Kawasaki and the rear wheel of the Yamaha. Kenny managed to stay on, but lost almost two seconds.With only a lap to go he was only able to recover 1.1 seconds, fastest lap included, and took second by .9.

The season promises more battles like the two in Portugal. Kenny was especially glad to leave Portugal tied for the points lead because in 2014 Portimao was his most difficult track. There is now a long break defore the 10-race season resumed in Catalunya on June 20. This will give the Palmeto team an opportunity to work in private tests before the next battle.

Kenny Noyes Race 1: 1º / Race 2: 2º::

"Of all the circuits on the schedule, this is the one where we had the most trouble last year, so coming out of here sharing the lead and after seeing that we had a winning pace is huge for us.

I am happy about the win in race one and a little mad at myself for letting race two get away because I was feeling a lot stronger in the second race and knew what Morales' tactics would be. I should have waited for a better opportunity to pass. It was my mistake. I lost too much time to make up on the last lap, but seeing that we did the fastest lap of the race the last time around shows that we kept the tires working to the end. The tracks coming up are a lot more to my liking, so I´m liking our chances, but not underestimating anybody."

La defensa del número uno ha comenzado con la victoria en la primera carrera y un segundo puesto en la segunda que sitúan al estadounidense co-líder del campeonato. De Ulacia, tras dos brillantes actuaciones en las que ha terminado décimo tercero, ha igualado sus mejores resultados.

La defensa del número uno por parte de Kenny Noyes y el Kawasaki Palmeto PL Racing Team no podía haber empezado de una mejor manera, gracias a la brillante victoria que se ha adjudicado en la primera carrera. Después de dominar desde el principio, Noyes ha sabido ceder el mando de la prueba a Morales para volver a superarlo y cruzar la meta en primera posición. En la segunda carrera y después de volver a dominar la misma, un toque cuando estaba superando de nuevo a Morales ha hecho que el norteamericano haya estado a punto de caerse. A pesar de haber evitado finalmente la caída, la distancia perdida hacía muy difícil recuperar la primera posición a falta de poco más de vuelta y media. Aún así, Noyes ha hecho gala de su competitividad, intentando alcanzar de nuevo el mando de la carrera, algo de lo que finalmente le ha separado menos de un segundo.

La próxima cita del Kawasaki Palmeto PL Racing Team con el FIM CEV European Championship llegará el fin de semana del 20 y 21 de junio en el Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Antes de ello, la estructura madrileña llevará a cabo diferentes test, además de disputar, con los pilotos del Junior Team la segunda prueba del Campeonato de España de Velocidad en el Circuito de Jerez a finales del mes de mayo.

Kenny Noyes Carrera 1: 1º / Carrera 2: 2º: 

"La primera carrera ha sido genial. El año pasado este era nuestro peor circuito y Carmelo tenía mucho mejor ritmo. Hoy hemos empezado liderando, al final he visto que estaba muy pegado y, cuando se ha metido en la curva de izquierdas, le he dejado pasar para estudiarlo un poco y he visto que iba mucho más cómodo detrás suyo. Aunque hemos tenido problemas en algunas curvas abriendo gas, estoy muy contento con la moto en general, con el motor y con la puesta apunto.

Para la segunda carrera no hemos tocado nada y me la he tomado con algo más de calma, porque veía que si apretaba Carmelo seguía ahí y he preferido no forzar y mantener a Pietri controlado detrás, sabiendo que cuando adelantara a Carmelo tendría más neumático y así poder forzar algo más para el final de carrera. Luego me he equivocado un poco, me he tocado con él a final de recta y después en otra curva de izquierdas, puede que haya pecado un poco de conservador y a lo mejor tendría que haber sido algo más agresivo. Aún así, salimos líderes de aquí que era un circuito poco favorable para nosotros así que somos optimistas de cara a las siguientes carreras porque vienen circuitos que nos gustan más y siempre se nos han dado mejor.”


Superprestigio: Kenny third for the second time in a row

news5Kenny Noyes finished third in the second edition of Superprestigio Dirt Track in a thrilling Superfinal. AMA Grand National winner Jared Mees finished second behind the world champion Marc Marquez.

This time the stadium was nearly full with more than 9,000 very appreciative and loud fans. In the Superfinal, Márquez and Mees were slowed by a turn 1 tangle but eventually hunted down leader Noyes, with Márquez taking the win. Unable to find a way past Márquez, Mees was second, and Noyes, for the second time in a row, was third.

Among the distinguished roadracers who took part in the event were six present or former world champions, all three current Grand Prix champions, Marc Márquez (MotoGP), Tito Rabat (Moto2), and Marc’s younger brother Alex Márquez (Moto3), plus the three-time World Superbike champion, Australian Troy Bayliss.

Third for the second time in a row, Noyes said, “That’s just the second dirt-track race I’ve ridden since 2000, so I can’t complain, but now I think we know what we have to do to the Kawasaki to have a shot at winning this thing the third time around. It has been such an incredible Season. And this Event has had massive media coverage. I’m very grateful to RPM Racing. I want to return next year and achieve the victory because today these two guys were just so fast! I ‘ve had very little time to practice in my new bike, so for next year I’ll be ready!”.


Kenny Noyes, FIM CEV Superbike Champion!

news4American Kenny Noyes rode the race of his life at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Valencia, and emerged at the end of the 19 laps as FIM CEV SBK International Superbike Champion. He went into the ninth and final round trailing former Spanish Champion Ivan (BMW) by four point and needing either win or finish second ahead of Silva.

Starting fourth off the second row, Noyes got the hole shot and, with Venezuelan teammate Robertino Pietri in his slipstream, opened slight gap over Morales and Silva, but on lap three they both got past the Venezuelan and closed on the leader.  On lap seven Morales when into the lead and Silva slipped under Noyes out of Turn 2 but the American dived under Silva at Turn 6 and tucked in behind the new leader.

Once the gap over Silva had grown to a just over a second, Noyes slowed his paces slightly, but then Noyes lost some valuable time finding his way past a lapped rider and Silva was suddenly only .4 back.  With five laps remaining Noyes upped the pace and not only pulled clear of the BMW rider, he also closed on Morales and looked set to make a move when Silva lost the front on the entrance to turn four at the start of lap 17.

The Palmeto PL team quickly got the board and informed Noyes that his only rival had crashed. He then slowed and cruised home to take the title. Pietri was third, giving Palmeto PL not only the title but also two podium places.
Kenny Noyes: “My strategy from the beginning was to push as hard as a could on the opening laps and try and get some distance between me and Silva. The opening push was enough to do that. When Morales came by, I thought that would be OK because it is good to have a wheel to follow at Valencia, but when Silva slipped under me out of turn 3, I realized I had to pass him back immediately and push again. When I saw on my board that I had 1.1 seconds over Silva, I slowed just a bit, but on the next lap I saw he had closed to .8 and then I had some trouble with a lapped rider and my board told me he was just .4 back. I made a second hard push and in three laps I was back with Morales and had put Silva over a second back. I was starting to think about making a move on Morales, but with two laps to go, my board said Silva was out. I had to take a long look back to believe it and I saw beautiful empty track!
I didn´t think I could do a whole race in the 35´s. But that´s what it took today.
Silva went down pushing hard and it was the only time all year he´s failed to score. He pushed us hard and was fighting right to the end. I´m so grateful to the team, to Kawasaki and to Michelin for all the work they put in, and it was great to be on the podium with Robertino again. That made it ever more special for Palmeto PL.

Race Result;  
1. Morales (Spain) Kawasaki ZX1000-R
2. Noyes (USA) Kawasaki ZX1000-R
3. Pietri (Venezuela) Kawasaki ZX1000-R
4. Ramos (Spain) Kawasaki ZX1000-R
5. Rodriguez (Spain) Suzuki GSX1000-R
6. Plassen (Norway) Ducati 1198
7. Martinez (Spain) Kawasaki ZX1000-R
8. Rivas (Spain) BMW R1000SS
9. Pouhair (France) BMW R1000SS
10.Llano (Spain) Kawasaki ZX1000-R

Final Championship Standings
1. Noyes 160 , 2. Morales 145, 3. Silva 144, Pietri 125, Barragan 123, Rivas 113, Rodriguez 71, 8. Ferrer 53, 9. Kuperinen 44, 10. Gomez 43.

Damage Control: Noyes Survives Albacete

news3American Kenny Noyes (Palmeto Kawasaki ZX10R) saw his 14-point lead in the FIM CEV International Championship converted to a 9-point deficient at the tight and slippery Albacete circuit that saw many crashes on a hot Spanish day. After qualifying second, Noyes went into the lead from the start and had opened a lead of four tenths of a second when he crashed on lap 5 at the entrance to the Albacete chicane and was unable to continue.

The race was won by Ángel Rodriguez (Suzuki GSX-R 1000) when leader Ivan Silva (BMW S1000RR) ran wide and off the track with two laps to go, dropping from first to fifth and giving away 14 points. Even so the BMW rider moved to within three points of Noyes.

Race began with Noyes, Silva, Rodriguez and Dani Rivas (BMW S1000RR) in a tight group. Rodriguez crashed out of fourth on lap 5 as Silva and Noyes opened a slight gap over Rivas. On lap 10 Noyes went into the lead but a lap later Silva passed him at the end of the straight and left the American no room and no choice but to go on to the gravel at over 100 miles per hour. He managed to avoid a crash and get the bike turned in the short run-off area, losing 12 seconds and rejoining the race in 6th place.

Silva went on to win, but Noyes fought back to finish fourth, salvaging 13 valuable points. With four races to go, Noyes trails Silva by nine points and with 100 points still in play.
Kenny Noyes: “I think we were really unlucky in Albacete. We could have left there with at least two podiums and it was disappointing to lose so many points on a day when we were fast in all sessions and both races. I struggled during the weekend with front-end feel, but we seemed to have a good set-up in race one until I lost the front with no warning and in a place where I wasn´t expecting it.

In race two I was being more conservative but Silva got into me pretty hard at the end of the home straight. It was a dangerous pass. He hit my brake lever and I had to run off the track. Luckily I kept it on two wheels and was able to save some points.

Looking back at a tough weekend, we crashed out of the lead in one race and got knocked off the track while leading in the other, so we just need to keep doing what we´re doing and hope for a little better luck next time.
I also want to congratulate my teammate Robertino Pietri for his two podiums.

Race 5 of 10

    Rodriguez (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
    Barragan   (Kawasaki ZX10R) +2.875
    Pietri  (Kawasaki ZX10R) +3.756
    Rivas (BMW S1000RR) +9.349
    Silva (BMW S1000RR) +15.209

Race 6 of 10

    Silva (BMW S1000RR)
    Rivas (BMW S1000RR) +3.189
    Pietri  (Kawasaki ZX10R) +12.316
    Noyes (Kawasaki ZX10R) +18.155
    Barragan (Kawasaki ZX10R) +21.405

Championship Points

1. Silva 97 (1 win);  2. Noyes 88 (3 wins);  3. Pietri 86; 4. Barragan 85; 5. Rivas 69; 6. Rodriguez 49 (1 win); 7. Ferrer 49; 8. Morales 45 (1 win); 9. Garcia 36; 10. Mateos 32.

Next round: Navarra, September 7.

Kenny wins again at Circuit of Barcelona

barcelonaNoyes took his third straight pole and his third consecutive win at the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya to extend his points lead from 5 to 14. The American battled four-times Spanish national champion Carmelo Morales (Calvo Kawasaki ZX10R) wheel to wheel for almost 16 of the 17 laps of the fourth race of the FIM CEV Repsol International Championship and nothing was settled as the two entered the stadium section at the end of the penultimate lap.

Kenny, starting from the pole, and Morales, starting second, exchanged the lead several times in the first half of the race. Morales then seemed content to follow until Noyes slowed to force the Spaniard to go to the front. Morales refused to take the bait for an entire lap and a half, content to shadow the American. But when the pace dropped from the 45s to the 47s, Morales made a bid to break away and managed in a single lap to open a .6 of a second lead on lap 14. Noyes needed two laps to close the gap back to a bike length. It looked like it would go down to wire, but Morales lost the front and crashed out and into the tire barriers in the second-gear right-hander three corners from the finish line.

The battling pair had pulled 16 seconds clear of the three-rider scrap for third when the crash occurred and Noyes was able to cruise home to win by over 12 seconds. He began the season by being taken out on the first lap and left Jerez with no points. Coming into Catalunya he led Morales and former champion Ivan Silva (Targobank BMW S1000RR) by 5 points. He leaves with a 14-point lead over Silva who was beaten in a battle for second by Dani Rivas (Easyrace BMW S1000RR).

Morales, who won the season opener and was second to Noyes in Race 1 at Motorland, has failed to score in the last two races, taken out on the first turn in race 2 at Motorland two weeks ago and falling here today in Catalunya. He was taken to Granollers Hospital where he was found to have broken both ankles.

The next round, at Albacete on July 6, is a double-header.

Kenny Noyes: “I knew the only way to beat Carmelo here was to push hard from the beginning. I tried to get away and couldn´t. and I knew Carmelo wanted to sit on my rear wheel and prepare a pass on the final lap, so I slowed the pace down so much that he decided to take the lead. He surprised me with a real change of pace. We had both done a single high 1´44 early in the race when the tires were fresh but I didn´t expect him to do a 45 flat. He suddenly took .6 of a second lead. And I had to really dig deep to close on him again. I was right on his rear wheel again when he crashed. I was planning to pass him at the end of the straight but I know he would have fought back and that last lap would have been crazy. I wish Carmelo a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in action real soon.

Race 4 of 10

  1. Noyes (USA) Kawasaki ZX10R
  2. Dani Rivas (Spain) BMW S1000RR +12.300
  3. Ivan Silva (Spain) Kawasaki ZX10R +12.362
  4. Angel Rodríguez (Spain) Suzuki GSX-R +12.362
  5. Santiago Barragan (Spain) Kawasaki ZX10R+12.588
  6. Robertino Pietri (Venezuela) Kawasaki ZX10R+12.588

Championship Points

1. Noyes-USA75 (3 wins); 2. Silva-Spain 61: 3. Barragan-Spain 54: 4. Pietri-Venezuela 54; 5. Morales-Spain 45 (1 win) 45; 6. Ferrer-Spain 36; 7. Rivas-Spain 36; 8. Rodríguez-Spain 24; Pachard-France 21; Kuparinen-Finland 20.

Next round: Albacete, June 6.


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